If you want to trade / part trade an item with me, these are the things I'm looking for:

**Generally Brand only

**Colours: Red, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Black

**Items: JSKs, Skirts, Shoes, Knitwear

**Novelty bags e.g. AatP pirate chest bag, Meta School bag etc.

**Preferred fabrics/prints: velvet, mermaid prints, subtle prints, wintery prints e.g. AP circus, Juliette et Justine style prints

**Aristocrat style and sweet lolita (but subtle) styles.

Thanks for checking!


I hate England sometimes, Japan was expensive but at least there I could get a decent bike for £40.  And nobody even steals them there either, unless you're dumb enough to leave it unlocked.  All I want is a cheap bike that doesn't look like it's supposed to be on the side of a mountain and has a basket.  I can't even get a basket on its own, they're so gay that even women have to have "front loaders" now, which are completely useless unless you're carrying a very manly duffel bag or something.
Ugh, all the men and women have baskets in Japan, because it makes sense to have a basket.  And there you can go to the local DIY and get a girl friendly brand new bike for £40.  I did a search for cheap town bikes, and one of those is apparently at least £100.  If you want one that actually looks like it's meant for a girl and doesn't mean everyone can see down your top because you have to ride so horizontally (it looks totally less gay that way) then you have to pay £400.  Even pieces of crap from the seventies on ebay are £40, they're falling to pieces and don't have basket either!!!
I just want to burn those stupid "iron horse" or "bikology" shops down, where are the nice family owned places where you don't get laughed at for not buying "speed lines" or some other such shite?  The locks themselves are £40 too, and way more if you actually want one that can't just be snipped off with bolt cutters in about 5 seconds.  I was ready to spend £50+ on locks for my £5 piece of crap second hand bike, but who knows what I'll do now, walk I suppose.

meh, relatively this doesn't even warrant complaining about, but without a bike I've lost my independence, I don't drive, and the stupid english bike industry is so frustrating. Arggghh.


Here's the hat, I'm posting it later today, EMS says it should arrive in about 4-5 days :)

If theres anything else you want/don't want on it, feel free to sabotage, it's yours now!

I hope you like it :)

Things I like about the UK

I have to make this list, because I need it to help me from getting depressed about leaving Japan.  I keep focusing on all the things I don't miss about England, so I need to remember the things that I love.

1. The lake district, and other places of (somewhat) natural beauty - I love that I don't have to travel very far to go and get lost on a mountain somewhere.  I spent a lot of childhood holidays there with extended hippy family, and despite the fact that it's crawling with tourists, it is still full of eerie places to get lost in.  Climbing Hellvelyn is probably the most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life, but it's nice to know that going off to scramble up some rock isn't too out of my reach when I live in a dreary city.  I also think that on a good day Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

2.  Weird folk, celtic and pagan history, the wicker man.  When I'm older I want to live in the West Country, I've never even been to Stone Henge but I love the idea of strange folklore, mysterious moors, long sunsets and drinking cider in fields.  Being away from England I realise that I had until now taken for granted, our green, mushroom scattered forests, and woodlands filled with moss, heather and creeping ivy.  It is this atmosphere that makes me love books like Lord of the Rings.  I can remember as a child going on guided walks through forests and being told about deadly nightshades, and timid nocturnal animals.  I also love England's history of folk carpentry and woodcraft that seems to appear wherever there is a large forest.

3.  I also love Whitby; when you extract all the day trippers and chavs and terrible tacky beach front entertainment (which is charming in its own way anyway) I adore going on an out of season day, even when the weather is bad, and exploring the cliffs, imagining what it must have been like to be a smuggler landing in the middle of the night, or a sailor about to leave on a years long voyage, or the boy in the Admiral Benbow Inn in Treasure Island, alone on the moor watching for boats and travellers that come and go.  It's easy to get lost in your imagination there, Whitby is like a picture of the past.  Robin hood's bay down the coast a bit is also one of my favourite childhood holiday memories.  I really enjoyed Shadowmancer by G.P. Taylor because it creates a weird mythical history all based in Whitby and the surrounding area.

4.  I love our medieval history, tapestries with deer and rabbits on, Robin Hood, castles where the only furniture was a heather mattress and the odd rug on the floor.  Knights in suits of armour, and kingdoms with villagers and tiny farms - the kind of medieval culture that isn't romanticised today with ren fairs and banquets.  

5.  Harry Potter - I have to mention this because it reminds me of many of the things about England that I love.  I think the main reason I like the book is that it's a step outside of everyday UK life, and yet it still embraces so much about the country.  Castles, dark forests, quaint villages with strange pubs and lovely cosy farm life with a big kitchen with a fireplace and mothers that cook huge stews and knit jumpers.  I think for this list I should probably just transcribe JK Rowlings list of the things she loves about England.

6.  Our fantastic literary and arts history, bloomsbury, charles dickens and oscar wilde, I couldn't even begin to suggest all of it.  And that the Victorian culture is ours, it was easy to not realise this before I left the UK, but nowhere else in the world has christmas puddings!

7.  The whole Oxbridge, thespian, public school, monty python thing.  Cities like cambridge oxford and york with their amazing architecture and brilliant "education" atmosphere.   My one regret about what I'm doing with my life is that oxbridge didn't have something that I actually wanted to study, I would have loved to have studied in that environment,  So much less hollyoaks, and more harry potter.

anyway, to be continued.... I'm going to keep adding because there must be more!

also, I transcribed Andrew talking after I woke him up because he's drunk and was choking on his pillow:
"they call him the "wild man", he's been known to lose his temper and run off into the wilderness, scoff, go ahead, scoff you might, but you won't be scoffing when you realise that your wilderness is mainly moss.  You don't believe me do you.  Anyway, I'll tell you something that your guardian left behind, I know what a kangaroo is!  No-one has a mucus filled pouch quite like I do.  See you in your own mucus filled pouch."
after this he promptly went back to sleep.
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